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A.K. Rybnikov

Born: 12 May 1937

Ph.D., 1963;

associated professor, 1966.

Area of scientific interests:

Differential geometry (theory of connections; problem of realization of connections on equipped surfaces of an affine space; geometrical structures associated with partial differential equations).

Selected papers:

  1. On the imbedding of an affinely connected space with torsion in an affine space./ Vestnik of Moscow Univ., 1960, N.1, 3-15.
  2. On realization of affine connections of the second order./ Vestnik of Moscow Univ., 1984, N.3, 41-46.
  3. On one special type of differential-geometric structures of the second order (T-connections)./ Izv. Vuzov. Matematika, 1988, N.10, 33-40.
  4. On geometry of solutions of third order partial differential equation./ Izv. Vuzov. Matematika, 1991, N.3, 49-53.
  5. On geometry of second order evolution equation./ Vestnik of Moscow Univ., 1994, N.2, 79-85.
  6. On geometry of pseudopotentials of the evolution equations./ Izv. Vuzov. Matematika, 1995, N.5, 55-67.
  7. Inverse problem equations, Backlund transformations, and theory of connections./ Lobachevsky international geometrical seminar “Modern geometry and field theory”. Short communications, Kazan, 1997, p. 106.